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Hillary Sanders


"I want the people who will come after me to have places to explore and appreciate nature. We need to preserve access to open spaces and the opportunities for education and recreation that they provide."

Aurelie Declerck


"Shelton View Forest is my family's happy place, where my kids can freely explore and create adventures, and where I can unwind and reconnect with nature. I feel lucky having this special place so close from home, and we are doing what we can, as a family, to protect it." 

Jackie Sanders

Board Member

"The forest offers a break from the chaos. When all you can hear is the wind through the trees, nothing else matters at that moment. It's easy to build houses and roads and strip malls. What exists in the Shelton View Forest cannot be built, but it can be protected. As Bothell and especially the Canyon Park area grows, we need to invest in park space that will benefit everyone."

David Bain

Board Member

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Jill Green

Vice President

The forest is important to our community. It is a peaceful place for birds and wildlife and for each of us to find a connection with nature.  We need to protect this gem and preserve it for future generations."

Kattie Cabe


"I strongly believe that we need to care for and steward our planet, and that starts in our back yards. It is important to me that we save the forest from development for our future generations to have a local forest to explore, learn, play, and discover adventures."

Carolyn Sellar

Board Member

"Shelton View Forest is an incredible forest in our own neighborhood, a sanctuary to get back in touch with nature and wildlife. Empathy and inspiration begin with having experiences first hand and the forest gives people the opportunity to connect with nature and learn how important forests are in our community and in the world."

Bob Rorabaugh

Board Member

"This forest in our city is special. Even in my 70th year, I explore woods, seek out wild places and quiet spaces, run and hike trails internationally. And right here, within 20 minutes of all 42,000 citizens of Bothell, is a gem in our own backyard."

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