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  • Bob Rorabaugh

The Living Stump

A living stump? They are rare, but our forest has one!

You've perhaps heard the expression, 'Truth is stranger than fiction?' Our beloved forest has an unusual phenomenon called "a living stump." It is neither dead or decaying since being cut or broken years earlier. It appears to be barking over in close proximity to a taller, healthier-looking Douglas Fir. It's easy to find; just walk 50 paces into the Shelton View Forest from the 7th Ave W trailhead, keeping your eyes on the left side of the trail. See if you can find it!

As these two trees grew, their roots intertwined, eventually grafting (joining) together. If some roots here discovered water, both trees drank water. If other roots over there found nutrients, they likewise were shared by both trees. Additionally, grafting protects the larger tree from wind damage as a result of the increased root stability. In nature, trees are typically healthier as a group than the same trees would be alone. In much the same way, people do better when "connected."

Following this example, let's let's work together to save the Forest!

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